The Advisory Council on Policy Coherence for Development was established in April 2014.
Its primary mission is to advise the federal government in order to ensure policy coherence for development.

Report of the Advisory Council on Policy Coherence for Development

This reports comes at the end of the mandate of the Advisory Council on Policy Coherence for Development. It presents the Council’s vision on policy coherence together with an overview of its recommendations and recent developments in the field of policy coherence for development. It analyses whether policy coherence for development mechanisms in general have […]

Strengthening human rights due diligence

On 12 December 2017, Belgium officially presented its National Action Plan (NAP) on Business and Human Rights. In this opinion, the Advisory Council on Policy Coherence for Development identifies strengthening human rights due diligence of businesses as one area where the NAP could be improved, and where Belgium could further demonstrate its commitment towards the […]

Belgian and European policies on biofuels

The subject of this opinion is European and Belgian policymaking in the field of biofuels in transport, in the context of Belgium’s National Energy-Climate Plan 2030 and the 2018/2001 Renewable Energies Directive (2021-2030). This directive allows Member States to reduce and even eliminate the objectives to incorporate first generation biofuels into fuel, which have proven […]

Preliminary draft law on the Belgian Development Policy

This opinion analyses how the principle of policy coherence for development is incorporated into the preliminary draft law in its version of 25 October 2018 (second reading in the Council of Ministers), in particular in relation to the new concept of a comprehensive approach. It also analyses the way in which the issue of migration […]

Arms sales to Saudi Arabia

This opinion deals with arms sales to Saudi Arabia and their consequences on human rights violations and the humanitarian crisis in Yemen that has been torn by a civil war since 2014. The opinion pays particular attention to the role of Belgium in arms exports to Saudi Arabia. It puts forward recommendations that aim to […]

Belgium’s economic and commercial relations with Israeli settlements in the Occupied Palestinian Territories

Belgium’s economic and commercial relations with Israeli settlements in the Occupied Palestinian Territories This opinion notes that the policies pursued by the State of Israel in the occupied Palestinian territories directly or indirectly lead to the cancellation or weakening of the positive impacts of the development aid that Belgium provides there. The occupied Palestinian territories […]

Country-by-country public reporting by major corporations

Public country-by-country reporting by large companies This opinion relates to country-by-country public reporting by major corporations. The fiscal revenue lost by developing countries is estimated at over US$100 billion. These losses arise when multinationals transfer profits to territories with low or even zero tax rates. The requirement for corporations to publish financial information by each […]

Peace and security

Peace and security The Advisory Council on policy coherence for development has issued the following opinion at the request of the Federal Minister for Development Cooperation, Digital Agenda, Telecom and Postal Services, to provide content for the 3D-LO (development, defence, diplomacy) approach. The Advisory Council lays emphasis on the role of the government as a […]